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Friday, June 11, 2010

Of Boys, Beer and Baseball

It's been awhile since I've written here lately and I apologize for that. As I'm sure all 19 of you know, I've been writing for a sports website and unfortunately, I've neglected the blog. Please accept my apologies.

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Cheap plug, I know.

That being said, I recently had a great experience that was put together by my brother and some of my best friends. Now, I know this blog is an open environment where I can say anything, but some of the things that happened on this particular weekend are best left to the imagination.

What can be shared however is not really about craziness, debauchery or mayhem as much as one may think. What this weekend was really about was what brings you together with the people you are close to. Much like the title says, for me, it was boys, beer and baseball.

Some of the guys I was with I've known since before I had my first face blemish. All have seen me at my best and my worst. One is so skinny that if he turned sideways you couldn't see him and another I've known since before he was born. But the bottom line is, we all came together for a weekend of camaraderie that was centered around baseball.

And that's our hook, our thing that brings us together. So, the question goes out to the masses, what is the thing that brings those closest to you together?

Is your deal a theatrical troupe that you've known forever? Perhaps a group of people where you don't have to act, but can be yourself.

Maybe it is a certain group of friends that can sit around with a cup of coffee and gossip about the latest celebrity accomplishment or disaster that happened during the week.

Or it could be a select few that you can count on one hand that share some drinks talking about the politics of the world.

The bigger question is, who are your "boys, beer and baseball" people and when are you going to get together with them again? And if you have been thinking about it, what's stopping you from picking up the phone to make it happen?

With all of the ways to "stay connected" in today's world, nothing beats breaking bread with those that are most dear to you, no matter what the common thread is.

And at the end of the day, your best friends always have a common thread about them. The best part about it is you can always find different people to integrate into that select group. Surely, the new ones will have to pass certain tests and make the grade, but isn't that what life is all about? Opening up your heart, experiencing the good things with others and welcoming another Charlie, Harry, Liam, Jonesy (or whatever the name may be) into the group?

I believe so and there's No Bonz About It!

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