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Friday, July 9, 2010

Coming Full Circle

There are a lot of different cliches about circles. "What goes around comes around", "The circle has no beginning and no end", "The circle of life", and "That guy has a good circle of friends."

Well, a very good friend of mine once told me that chronological order was overrated and I can tell you from experience that I'm blessed because he was right, all of those cliches above are true and my family has come full circle recently.

I write a lot about sports. In fact, I would go as far as saying both writing and sports are a passion of mine. However, I've always been convinced that the most important things in life don't focus on fame and fortune, one's status in life, sports or a career. We can all take time to put a focus on those things or even be passionate about them. But I truly feel that those things should not be THE focus in our lives.

The real bread and butter in our lives are our relationships. The relationships with our loved ones and that doesn't just mean immediate family. After this past weekend, the love for my relationships really has "Come Full Circle". Not only with my family but with relatives, friends and all those that I am close to.

We are all looking for the "key" to life. And, just like Curly, the character Jack Palance played in the movie City Slickers, the "one" thing in life is this, (imagine Curly holding up his index finger at this point). Although each of us have to figure a few things out, the real answer is right in front of us.

Variations are unique for each person, and just like Curly said, if we stick to it, "everything else don't mean shit". But the heart of that one thing boils down to two things in reality - love and relationships. Without question, the love and relationships that one has it what makes each of us who we are.

My "Coming Full Circle" moment happened just recently and my "Coming Full Circle" is my relationships and, most importantly, love. Love of relatives, family and friends. It's never been more evident until the weekend of July 2, 2010.

I try to write objectively with some of my own opinion at times, but I have to say, this is pretty subjective. Maybe you agree, maybe you disagree, but I can tell you that after what I experienced this weekend, there is no better way to Come Full Circle than experiencing the Circle of Love.

And There's No Bonz About That!

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