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Friday, May 14, 2010


Is anyone up for a little P&P? Now, I know most people are always up for a little R&R (rest and relaxation) but to get to R&R, you really need to have P&P. And after a little R&R, you should have some P&P on top of that.

At this point, I’m thinking all 16 of my followers are asking “What on Earth are you talking about with this P&P nonsense?” (And, by the way, if you really like my blog, tell your friends about it. Who knows, maybe I could have 25 followers by the end of May).

Enough of my own self promotion - let me go into further detail about P&P. P&P stands for Patience and Positivity.

Let’s start with Patience...

Lord knows, I could always use some. Out of all the emotions and feelings in the world, patience is one that runs short on people. “I don’t have the patience for this,” or “Please, be patient I will get to it when I can.” I find myself telling my children to have some, yet wishing I had more and it’s very difficult to ask someone to do something when you are not displaying it.

Now on to Positivity…

I’ve always tried to find and to be positive in any situation and it is extremely difficult in many cases. Positivity can be a difficult state to reach. Even the definition of the word “positivity” is vague.

The actual definition (from Webster’s Dictionary) is “the state or character of being positive”. As one can tell, it’s pretty difficult to define a “state” or “character”. The first time I saw the word, it was on my brother’s cell phone and the “state” or “character” has been with me ever since.

At the end of the day, positivity is a state of mind - a way to live, in my opinion. Always trying to be upbeat and seeing the good, no matter what the situation or how difficult it may be. It is very tough to commit yourself to Positivity, but if you do, you will smile a lot more.

Having said all that, there is something that I would like to share about P&P. It’s a little prayer that I wrote one day and if you are ever feeling short on Patience or Positivity, feel free to use it.

A Prayer for Patience and Positivity

Lord God – you are so patient and positive with us and for that we are blessed.
So much so that you sent Your only Son to die on a cross for our sins.
Tonight Lord, I pray for the same type of Patience and Positivity in my life that You have shown us.
And although I understand that I will not always have the Patience and Positivity that You have shown us, I am strong in my faith knowing You will always continue to bless us with Yours.
Tonight I pray for Patience and Positivity in my thoughts, my actions, my words and my relationships.
In my relationship with You, with my family and with my friends.
Bless me with Patience and Positivity in the face of good times as well as difficult ones – always remembering the Patience and Positivity You have shown us.
I pray for this in Your name through Your Son, Jesus Christ.


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