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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Round 2

First off, for all three of my followers out there, I apologize for having to start a new blog website. Hopefully, the internet won't crash when you all make this one of your "favorites" at once.

The other day, I got to thinking of another question. A rather simple one, but a question nonetheless.

If you could be any food and drink, what would it be? Now, keep in mind that once you are eaten, you could keep coming back as that food.

After pondering a long time about this (that's what long drives will do), I decided that I would be a hot dog and beer at Yankee Stadium. A few reasons for this....

- Nothing is better than a dog and a beer...Nothing
- Throughout your time, you would make millions of people happy
- No matter what, you'd always have the best seat in the house and people would actually be paying for you, instead of you paying for the seats
- Think of all the historic moments you would have seen, considering Yankee history.
* Gehrig's epic speech
* Roger's 61st
* Reggie's 3 homers in the Series
* Boomer's perfect game (and I'm sure he would have enjoyed more than one or two of me after the game)
* The Professional that is Derek Jeter
* A multitude of World Championships

And that's just naming a few.

In today's world of corporate suites, PSL's and fancy, over the top stadiums, there is no food and drink more synonymous with baseball, or sports for that matter, than a dog and a beer.

Considering all that, if I had to choose to be a food and drink, my choice would easily be a hot dog and beer at Yankee Stadium.

I'm sure when reading the question, one may think "I'd want to be a prime rib with a 1997 Merlot" or "Perhaps I would be a Cornish Hen with fresh vegetables and a vintage scotch." Not don't get me wrong, I like some good food (and I can cook the hell out of some) and all that sounds delicious. As for me, I can only think of one thing - a dog and a cold beer at The Stadium.

Just a simple question from a simple guy.. And there's No Bonz About That!


  1. can't relate, but I am definitely married to one who can!!!!!

  2. OK - You asked for my opinion so here goes...
    The writing is excellent. You make me wish I was at the stadium right now.
    The concept of continually returning as your favorite food is a little weird to me, considering the process you would have to go through to keep returning.
    I do understand your wanting to be present at all the great Yankee moments. I would love that also. Maybe a better question would be...
    Which Yankee ghost would you want to be?
    Keep the blogs coming and the questions of week. I think this could be a really cool exercise for all of us to participate in each week.