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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As a writer (or at least someone who would like to think he is), I have this habit of wanting to write a whole lot in one short amount of time, yet never finding the time to do so. It's a very interesting conundrum to have creative juices flowing at a time when everyone else, including me, should be sleeping.

It begs a question - when are we the most creative? More importantly, are we creative when we truly need to be?

I've always thought of myself as a creative person which is a difficult concept for others to grasp for a variety of reasons. I feel that I am creative when no one else thinks I should be and at some point in your life I bet that you have felt the same way.

Here's a perfect example...

Son: "I don't want to go potty daddy..."

Daddy: "Well, do you know that if you don't go potty, that the pull-up monster will eat your pee-pee?"

Son: "I'll go potty now."

When do you think you are most creative?

From my limited experience, the more I read the more creative I am. I tend to answer more questions with logical answers, not because I make stuff up, but because I have become more learned in a certain subject.

I could very easily say "Well, I haven't written a blog for awhile, therefore, I'm not going to make you think." That would be too easy.

If I didn't want you to think, I wouldn't write what I do.

With that being said, I'll ask a very deep, yet simple question.

When do you think you are most creative?

Perhaps you are most creative when you first wake up, although I doubt you are. Are you the most creative after that first cup of coffee? I'd venture to say that you are not. I could be wrong, but I would bet that you are the most creative when you don’t expect to be.

Everyone is different, but at the same time very similar when it comes to creative juices. We are creative when we need to be and when we least expect it, just like the example I displayed above. Creative juices flow with every decision we make on a daily basis and just like we don’t expect to make those big decisions, we don’t expect that creativity to happen. It just does.

Perhaps we need to just let it happen, not force it, have faith and let it be it what it is.

And there's No Bonz Bout It!


  1. You forgot to mention the time you got Emerson to put his pullup on one night by putting one on yourself. Now that was creative.... and quite the sight!

  2. God gives us this awesome responsibility to be "co-creators" He is the author of life and the creator of all, yet He allows us to share that with Him. We have children, turn a piece of marble into a pieta, build houses, find new ways to clean ducts and of course write blogs. He also gives us the freedom to "create" an atomic bomb. God is the God of Life so we need be aware of what we are creating. Are we fostering life, or destroying it. We have to ask this question with everything we "create", our art, writing, even how we clean ducts, does it build up or tear down?

  3. janel_murray - not sure i would have said that publicly... have a little mercy on the Man-Go

    Ryan - great post. made me smile.